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The new 23rd Assembly District and Jim Patterson. Made for Each Other!

Jim Patterson is connected to the 23rd Assembly District in more ways than you can count. He and wife Sharon have lived here for most of their lives, and they have raised three children, and now two grandchildren here.

Jim is a 30 year local small business owner and broadcast executive. He has owned and operated radio stations in California and Idaho, and is presently the Managing Partner of radio station KGED, 1680 AM, in Fresno.

Jim served as the Mayor of Fresno for two terms from 1993-2001. He inherited the leadership of a city in free-fall. Crime was exploding. Homicides had reached nearly 100 a year. Car thefts had sky-rocketed to over 12,000 a year. Graffiti was everywhere. People were afraid. Businesses were leaving. Fresno had lost confidence in its future.

After 8 years of focused leadership on the things that really mattered, Fresno had achieved a remarkable turnaround. Crime plunged to a 25 year low. Homicides dropped to less than 25 a year. Car thefts fell so far and fast, down nearly 75% to about 3000 per year, that Fresno insurance companies lowered their premiums. Fresno was winning the war on graffiti. Fresno started believing in itself again.

When his two terms were completed, Jim had left Fresno with a $20 million general fund surplus, a AAA credit rating, over a billion dollars of new business approvals that created thousands of new jobs, and a reborn reputation for achievement that the National Civic League recognized when it designated Fresno an All American City in 2000.

Jim is running for Assembly to make that kind of difference again for every person in this area. Jim will stand tough on his principles, just like we do in our every day lives, and Jim did when he was Mayor. But Jim will also use his years of experience in local business, and his time in public life, to work hard every day to change the partisan bickering and gridlock in Sacramento into common sense solutions that work for all of us.

Jim Patterson is one of us. He will be an effective voice - our voice - in the Assembly.